This line of research is more recent and identification of relevant documents has been helped by the various archive indexes and catalogues which are now available on the internet.

Research is continuing but is frequently slow because of the need to transcribe, and sometimes translate, old documents which may not be in an ideal condition. The following lists some of the information available in whole or in part.

Assize Case 1645 Northern Circuit

William and Jennet Croasdall of Newhay confessed to stealing and butchering two sheep belonging to Henry Holme and William Croasdall also of Newhay

Sent for trial at York (Results not yet discovered!)

Deed of Bankruptcy 1795

Henry Croasdell of Cecil Street, Strand, London - taylor, dealer and chapman

1828 Chancery Proceedings - Croasdaile v Philips

A group of Croasdaile plaintiffs, relatives of Despard Croasdaile, challenged the Executors of Despard's will - the defendants. Philips was one of the executors and was representing the interests of the Fitter family, relatives of Despard's widow Charlotte Ann nee Fitter.

As expected the papers contain a great deal of legal waffle and complicated financial details of bank annuities etc. The results of the case have not yet been traced. This case may be the source of the myths surrounding the "missing" family fortune. There were certainly allusions to money lost in Chancery. The Croasdailes had lands in Jamaica and reference is made in the proceedings to family members residing in Jamaica. It is possible that this was reported at the time and news travelled to different branches of the family "up North"

Quarter Sessions Records

I have copied and transcribed several different records, mainly from Lancashire, concerning people who at various times appeared before the Magistrates.These include Removal Orders, Affiliation Orders, Settlement examinations, and lists of debts and credits of a man imprisoned in Lancaster castle in 1725 for debt.

Duchy of Lancaster Proceedings

Various documents now archived at the Public Record Office at Kew relate to boundaries and landholdings in the Bowland area. Some have no immediate family connection but describe Croasdale Fell and Moss etc. Another series concerns a dispute about land at Bashall in 16.. between Richard Croasdale and ... Browne. I have copies of some of the papers which I'm transcribing but there are other case papers to be called up on a future visit.

Anyone who has experience in palaeography or reading old documents is welcome to "have a go" at copies of some of these!


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