Where are we now? - Present Day Distribution


The statistics for this analysis came from BT telephone directors and have been plotted on maps to show the current spread of the family names.


Variants from the British Telecom Telephone Directories

All the Croasdell/Croasdale variants were extracted from the latest 'phone directories available at Bromley and Orpington Reference Libraries. These were not always the most recent as libraries have been cutting back on their budgets recently! The figures are affected by the fact that many people these days have become ex-directory to avoid unwanted sales calls. Comparison with a similar but more limited exercise I did about 10 years ago confirms this effect. Also, BT has been re-organising its areas and this re-grouping has led to some duplication of entries. In the case of unusual surnames this can be recognised if people are known or if identical entries are spotted in two directories checked closely together.(eg my brother appears in 2 neighbouring directories and for a third time under my sister's maiden name at a London business address!) However, when just counting multiple entries the duplication is usually missed.


All variants were extracted and three separate maps produced


Click here to see enlarged map Click here to see enlarged map Click here to see enlarged map


The CROASDALE map shows clear North Western bias with 37 entries for Blackburn, 27 for Preston and 17 for Blackpool and Fylde - a popular retirement area for industrial Lancashire. The 9 entries for Lancashire and South Cumbria include, to my knowledge, several people whose family name was originally spelled CROASDELL but who deliberately changed the spelling in the 19th century (evidenced in a marriage register and supported by information from descendants)


The CROASDELL map has 15 entries for this same district, 30% of the total, the rest of which is spread throughout the country. Most of the entries can be identified as belonging to the same family tree, desendants of Henry Croasdell who migrated from Waddington.


The All Variants map re-inforces the northern origins but does show the variant CROISDALE appearing strongly in the Wakefield area and the CROS(S)DALE variants featuring around Manchester.

The 7 London entries cover 4 different variants


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