I originally extracted all the Birth, Marriage and Death Records from the General Register Office (GRO) Indexes just for the name Croasdell and for variants registered in Furness. Later I went back over old ground and added all the Croasdale entries (the majority) and, in later years, many of the name variants. The current situation is as set out below. Civil Registration started in July 1837 and I have extracted entries up to and including the most recent indexes, currently for the year 2000.


Estimated 90 - 95% coverage. Includes all Croasdells and Croasdales (apart from any inadvertently missed!) and many variants spellings.

NB My nephew's birth registered in 1990 in Kettering does not appear in the Indexes - despite notification to the powers that be!


Estimated 90 - 95% coverage. Includes all Croasdells and Croasdales - as under births


Estimated 75 - 80% coverage. Includes all Croasdells and the Croasdales in Furness. Croasdales in the rest of the country are included except for the periods 1880 - 1895, 1901 - 1913 and 1930 - 1930. These gaps should be filled in over the next 6 months or so. Variants not systematically included but many do appear.

By the Way-

For those not already in the know - Marriage Indexes from 1912 give the name of the spouse and Birth Indexes from the second half of 1911 give the maiden name of the mother - so it is sometimes possible to "re-constitute" families from around this date simply from the official indexes


In order to find out more about the family history I have over the years bought quite a few of the certificates connected not only with my own branch but also relating to unknown people - to see if and how they might fit in. These are mainly Croasdell names but there are some with variant spellings. If I have one that features in your family line I would be happy to send you a copy. Let me know your Croasdell ancestry and I'll check to see what I have.


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