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Henry Croasdell seems to have begun to move up in the world. He was born on 16th September 1782 when his parents, Henry and Fanny, were at Stott Park and was baptised at Finsthwaite on October 13th. Originally a hooper/hoopmaker he also began to farm and moved away from Finsthwaite to the Hawkshead area. On 1st June 1805 Henry married Jane Rigge at Hawkshead Church. Many years later, after Jane 's death he married for a second time to Elizabeth Bell, a widow, formerly Kirkby, at Ulverston Parish Church on 18th April 1844. At his first wedding Henry was described as a hooper but by the time of his second marriage he was a farmer, farming at Skinner How near Hawkshead. He later passed the farm on to his eldest son and retired to live with his third son James at his farm at Lower Hawthwaite near Broughton in Furness. (See 1851 census)

Skinnerhow Farm
Skinnerhow Farm

Henry is mentioned in various directories, including Parson & White's Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland and Westmoreland in 1829, when he is described as a farmer of Borrick Ground, Hawkshead.

Henry and Jane had 10 children, 5 of whom died young.


Tombstone Hawkshead
Jane died in December 1840 and is buried at Hawkshead together with Henry who died in July 1851. There is a fine tombstone by the main pathway. Buried with them were son John, his wife Mary and two grand-daughters. Henry left a will signed in May 1851. Elizabeth survived Henry and was buried elsewhere.

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