Although the name Croasdell and its variants derives from an English place name (See The Name) there are also examples of families living for several generations in Ireland. At the moment research has revealed two separate strands.

One branch of the family seems to have emigrated to Ireland in the mid to late 17th century with the first emigrant being one Thomas Croasdaile who had lands and property in County Galway. This family primarily spelled the surname Croasdaile although examples of Croasdale also appear. There is an association with Sir Thomas Waddington, but a reputed marriage between Thomas Croasdaile and the daughter of Sir Thomas Waddington now seems to be incorrect according to recently discovered Appeal case documents in the House of Lords Record Office. A petition of 1711 quite clearly notes Sir Thomas's daughters as Dorothy and Lettice and names their current husbands as Arthur Ormsby and William Usher. (Dorothy's first husband had been Major Robert Tempest - a name familiar in the Waddington area of Yorkshire) Thomas Croasdaile is described as kinsman to Sir Thomas Waddington and someone who managed his estates, including woods and iron works at Woodford. The petition is signed by Thomas Croasdaile's two sons, Henry and Thomas, who were executors of his will (now sadly destroyed)

Thomas and Henry's signatures

Thomas Croasdaile's descendants, however, were quite numerous and also far travelled. Several joined the British Army and Navy and others became merchants, trading in London and Jamaica and owning or managing Jamaican coffee plantations. Some returned to England and settled in London and Essex.

Coat of Arms
Although the family is listed in Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland the descent is not clearly proven and my research is currently trying to establish and verify the links between the different branches and generations. Variations of Croasdaile/Croasdale Coats of Arms were probably granted originally to members of this Irish branch.

This family is the one primarily featured in Myths and Legends relating to the missing fortune and The Scarlet Woman as well as to some strands of Jamaican Treasure and Skulduggery. Whatever the cause, this branch of the family was certainly more wealthy and materially successful than others in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of Thomas Croasdaile's descendants were members of the legal and medical professions and many left wills containing details of complex financial arrangements. As far as is known there are no direct descendants currently living in the Irish Republic but some do live and work in Northern Ireland - as well as in England, New Zealand and the USA. Certainly there is evidence that earlier generations were primarily Protestant although some were friendly to the Catholics and more recent branches have been Catholic.


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Most notably Croasdaile's History of Rosenallis, Co Laois, Ireland, re-published by the Dun Laoghaire Genealogical Society, was written by Father LH Croasdaile. Rosenallis was for many years the home of the Croasdaile family.

Information about the Croasdailes can also be found here

A second strand of the Irish family descends from Thomas Croasdell whose son John was born in 1842 in Co Wexford. He married Mary Palmer in Rosbercon, Kilkeny in 1867 and their descendants include present day residents of the Republic of Ireland, living primarily in the Dublin area. Several of John & Mary's children also emigrated to the USA, originally settling in the Detroit area, and other descendants later emigrated to Canada or returned to England. Contacts have been made with some of the present day family members in Ireland although more would be greatly welcomed so that current families and direct links could be clarified. It isn't yet known whether this branch descends from the first emigration by Thomas Croasdaile in the 17th century or whether there was a later emigrant from England who founded this new line. It appears that this branch now spell the surname Croasdell although in the 19th century there was a variety of different spellings. It also seems that recent generations have been mainly Catholic.

John & Mary's eldest daughter Florence (Mary Florrie) married Michael McCormack in 1920 and their descendants plus the descendants of John & Mary are set out in Corrall McCormack's family history web page - See (awaiting current site URL)

Over the next few months I hope to add various Irish family records to the web page. If you are a member of either of these branches or have an interest in their history I would love to hear from you and would be happy to share any of my research material with you. Please contact me on