Croasdell Family - Potted Histories


James Croasdell was baptised at Finsthwaite on 8 February 1726, third child and second son of Henry and Eleanor.

On 4 June 1750 James married Jane Guest at Finsthwaite. They had 6 children

James followed his father's trade working in wood and in 1771 Finsthwaite Parish Accounts show that he received 3 shillings for work done in the chapel. The family seem to have stayed in Finsthwaite most of their lives and were shown as living at Plum Green when each of their children was baptised.

Both James and Jane were buried at Finsthwaite, James on 21 May 1781 and Jane at the grand age of 94 on 29 January 1814

To continue with the line of descent see Henry 1752 - 1807