Croasdell Family - Potted Histories


John Croasdell
John Croasdell
my great grandfather
was born on
24th March 1847 at Hawthwaite
and baptised at
Broughton parish church
on 18th April.


He grew up at Plumpton Hall Ulverston, where he was when the 1861 census was taken and was apprenticed on 5th November 1865 for four years to Henry Allason Fletcher, Iron Founder and Engineer at Lowca Engine Works to be an Engine Fitter.



Whilst apprenticed John boarded in Parton, Whitehaven at the house of William Morton, tailor and on 14th October 1872 John married William's daughter, Eleanor Morton at Moresby church.(See 1871 Census)

The only photos we have of both great grandparents were those taken in later life.

John and Eleanor had 8 children, including a daughter who died in infancy. Of the remaining seven, six were boys. Unfortunately no baptisms have been found for any of their children, although current family memories have no knowledge of or explanation for this. It has been said that John was a Quaker, although again there is no written evidence, but he was certainly reputed to be a radical in his beliefs and may have omitted this particular religious ceremony. The second names of the middle children in the family indicate his interests or allegiances. Nevertheless baptisms have been discovered for most of his grandchildren. Much of the information about John's life has come from a family account written by his son Herbert late in life. This account is riddled with misunderstandings and "facts" which have since been disproved, but it is difficult to know what is accurate and what is supposition. Herbert relates that his father inherited some money in middle life and temporarily left the family to live on his own, until the money had been used up - when he promptly returned! This could have been a bequest from his father whose will was proved in 1891 when John was 44.

The family settled firstly in Parton and then moved to Cockermouth and Blackburn before returning to Parton where their last child, my grandfather was born in 1890. (He was just 4 months old when the census was taken in 1891) In 1881 John was boarding on his own in Scotby, near Carlisle, presumably in connection with his work. John & Eleanor in later life lived in Helvellyn Street, Keswick, where my grandmother visited them. In his declining years, after the death of Eleanor at Hensingham in 1919, John lived with my grandfather and family, firstly at Toller Lane, Bradford, above Walter's chemist shop, and then at Lodges Grove, Bare, Morecambe. He died on 31 July 1941 at the age of 94 in Lancaster, where he was staying for a short break whilst Walter and Maude were attending my parents' wedding. He is buried at Moresby in a double grave with his wife.

In Parton there is a row of terraced houses facing the sea (and the railway line) which is called Croasdell Terrace. This is always said, in the family, to have been built by John Croasdell and named after him. At first it was thought more likely that Samuel Thomas was the man of property since he was a better businessman and probably had more capital to invest. But recently David Bradbury (author of the History of Parton - see Diane's Links Page) discovered that it was indeed John Croasdell who acquired and developed the land.

Basic facts only are given about John and Eleanor's children as in some cases their children are still living.


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