John Croasdell and Ellen Guy

John Croasdell 1758 - 1804 was the fifth child and third son of James Croasdell and Jane Guest. He was born at Plumgreen, Finsthwaite and baptised at St Peter's church there on the 3rd December 1758. Nothing much is known of him until he married Ellen Guy on 7 May 1781, also at Finsthwaite, and at that time he was described as a cooper. Later he became a farmer and when he died aged 46 on 26 October 1804 he was farming at Hampsfield Hall, Cartmel. A death notice in The Cumberland Pacquet newspaper on 6th November 1804 refers to John having been "a member of the Samaritan Society of Newton and the first payable member that has died since its establishment, which was thirteen years yesterday." (Any information about this Society would be welcome)

John & Ellen had 8 children. The first three were born when their parents were living at Plumgreen, Finsthwaite. The fourth was born at Nook and there is no mention in the register of the birthplace of the last 4. All the children were baptised at Finsthwaite church. Unfortunately the parish register does not give the father's occupation at this period so it isn't clear when John turned to farming.

NB It is probably worth mentioning at this point that the lack of personal detail in some registers and the propensity for giving children the same names in different branches of the family can make it difficult to correctly place people in their family groups and assign their baptisms, marriages and burials with 100% certainty. The Croasdells (with various surname spellings) lived primarily in the parishes of Finsthwaite, Colton and Cartmel at this time and were closely related. Sometimes identifying the right person is a matter of eliminating all other possible candidates. In other cases additional evidence is needed to fully support initial, or even current, assumptions. But in the case of John & Ellen's family the existence of a detailed will for their son John (died 1864) has been a great help in confirming some of the family relationships.

John and Ellen had eight children