John Croasdell and Jane Keen


John Croasdell was the fifth child and eldest surviving son of Richard Croasdell and Margaret Towers. He was born in the hamlet of Bouth and baptised at the nearby parish church of Colton, Lancashire on 24th May 1761. At the age of 22 he married Jane Keen at St Peter's Liverpool on 29 June 1783 when he was described as a mariner of Liverpool. Jane was a spinster also of Liverpool at the time of the marriage but originally from Colton parish where she was baptised on 26 October 1760. The couple had two children who were born in Colton parish where John is described as a mariner living at Old Hall. Presumably this was when he was on shore leave. Margaret was baptised on 11 April 1784 and Edward on 11 Jun 1786. Margaret must have been known as Peggy like her aunt but she died aged 5 and was buried at Colton on 12 Oct 1788. It then seems likely that John too must have died around this time, probably just before his daughter, as Jane, now known as Jinny, and a widow, married Thomas Clark on 29 May 1788. Sadly Jane too died the following year and was buried at Colton on 22 February 1789. She was described as Jane, wife of Thomas Clark of Old Hall aged 28. John & Jane's only son, therefore, was orphaned when he was probably just under 3 years old.




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