Richard Croasdell and Margaret Towers


Richard Croasdell was the eldest son and eldest surviving child of Henry Croasdell and Eleanor Stockdale. Richard was born at Lendin in Furness Fell (aka Landing, later Waterside) baptised at Cartmel on 23 April 1725 and married Margaret Towers at Colton on 13 November 1751. Margaret was from the hamlet of Booth/Bouth and the couple lived there with their family all their married lives. Richard was a peruke maker (wigs) and barber and had been apprenticed in 1744 to J[oh]n Nevison of Hawkshead, barber for the sum of £3 3s 0d. Records show he was parish constable for some years. He also had a 32nd share in the brigg "The Hollow Oak". Margaret died aged 54 and was buried at Colton on 3 March 1783. Richard survived for nearly 20 more years, probably looked after by his un-married daughter Margaret/Peggy. His will made in September 1800 and proved on 16 Aug 1804 gives helpful information about his children and grandchildren. Click here for a transcript. Richard died at Bouth and was buried, aged 79 at Colton on 15 April 1804. Richard and Margaret had 9 children 2 of whom died in infancy. Their surviving sons travelled far from home, two to Liverpool and on the seas beyond, and one to London.




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