Croasdell Family - Potted Histories




Walter Henry Croasdell
was born in Parton Whitehaven
on 16th November 1890.



Walter in his Pharmacy
He trained at Edinburgh University to become a pharmacist, gaining his MPS in 2 years rather than the normal 3 years, and spent most of his working life as a chemist, mainly as a pharmacist. One chemist's shop he worked at was in Frizington. Before Edinburgh he spent a short spell as a teacher - possibly at a school in Hensingham.

from The Visitor 20/2/1963
He was a keen amateur astronomer and spent many hours star gazing, using a self constructed telescope.

Walter and Maude
On 15th July 1916 Walter married Alice Maude Ellwood (known as Maude) at St John's church Hensingham. Their first home was at Holly Terrace, Hensingham where my father and his sister were born. During the 1920s work was difficult to find and the family moved to Liverpool, West Derby around 1924 and then to Birmingham at the end of 1927 for a year, before settling in Bradford.


Toller Lane Shop
The chemist shop in Toller Lane Bradford was home for several years before Walter and Maude moved to Lodges Grove, Morecambe in 1940.


Grandpa worked for a time at the Co-op in Lancaster and also at the Lansil works at Torrisholme. Even after retirement he still enjoyed doing locum pharmacy work for local chemists including the one in Bare village.

In 1957 the couple moved to nearby Oak Avenue to a flat next door to their daughter and son-in-law and they lived there until Walter died on 30th October 1974.

Gran continued to live in the flat for several more years but eventually moved to a residential home and then a nursing home where she died on 31st August 1994 in her 102nd year. Both funeral services were held at St Christopher's Bare where they had been regular worshippers and staunch supporters of church activities.

In contrast to their own ancestors but in line with the traditions of the early 20th century Walter and Maude had only two children