Pre 1858

I have a database of almost all known wills and administrations for Croasdell/dale and variants proved in the church courts of Yorkshire (PCY), Cheshire/Lancashire and Canterbury/London (PCC). This has been compiled from the various indexes in published and manuscript form. There are still a few years to search for Yorkshire wills at the Borthwick so the database is not quite compete. There are also references for wills proved in Ireland, and one in Norfolk. The database contains the indexed references and indicates whether or not I have copied, transcribed or summarised the wills. It is hoped to put the database onto this page at a future date. Meanwhile if you have a particular interest and would like me to check out the database please let me know.

Post 1858

All wills and administrations since 1858 have been indexed centrally and I have searched the probate records of the Principal Registry at Somerset House and First Avenue House from 1858 to 2000. I have extracted all references to Croasdell and many references for Croasdale and other variants. Most probate documents which relate to Furness and other connected branches I have summarised and/or obtained copies - before the days of gross over pricing when it was possible to obtain a photocopy by post for 75p!

If you have a query about a will or administration

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